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Posted by Entharion at May 17, 2009 12:32:35 PM
Re: Help Wanted | Shoppe Advertising
These shoppes & stalls are hiring on Barbary and Descartes Islands with good pay rates:

Wonder Frigs - Barbary
Hiring all labor types. Pay has been raised to 14/20/36 to cover doubloon cost
Need around 40 workers, feel free to job alts too!
We plan to build enough business to keep up to 70 workers paid daily. Check us out.

Task's Ship & Distilling Stalls - Descartes
Pay is 14/20/36 and 14/20/40 respectively. All labor types earn enough to cover a labor badge.
Order queues are almost always full, especially for distilling.
Not only that, but order types are balanced to ensure everyone is paid at the highest level they can provide.

Don't lose money with others; make money with us!!
For invites contact Schweatybol or Task in game. Thanks!
Schweatybol of Sage
Captain of Chrysalis
King of Metamorphosis
Cartographer of Sage -- If you need charting, just ask. I'll do it free if I'm not busy.

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