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Posted by Talisker at May 12, 2009 9:11:53 AM
Re: Conference of the Monarch (Thoughts)
No it isn't. More feedback from sources that have the same (or worse) biases than the forums but takes more time to do is a waste of time.

Yes, this is true. It's a good thing this hasn't happened.

Actually, it does. Big-time monarchs are mostly forum-goers already.

Disagreed. Taking from the Midnight one I attended there were a number that were not forums goers, much less GD posters. In the Sage conference, there were a number who had only ever posted in the Sage* forums. In my experience this tends to be true of Green Oceans in general, in that many are more parley centric and less GD-Centric. There's some crossover but not to the degree of some other oceans.

Add to that the fact that holding an exclusive phone call hurts people's feelings and makes non-monarch forumgoers feel left out and you have a net negative for OOO. It's never a good idea to make customers feel like they don't matter.

I think you're projecting. We've had people who didn't attend, and people whose flags were "snubbed" here posting in favor.
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I can't respond because I do not understand what the hell you are talking about. Sorry.

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