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Posted by StuManchu at May 12, 2009 8:58:52 AM
Re: Conference of the Monarch (Thoughts)
Has anybody really put any effort into explaining why they SHOULDN'T have these?

Did they do any harm? Really? How can an OM talking to a bunch of players, regardless of their biases/backgrounds/affiliations, about the state of the game be at all bad?

Or are we still kvetching about how to select participants? Because THAT particular argument is just a veiled "omg preferential elite treatment rawrrr" type of complaint.

I support conferences of monarchs. In their "current" state, that being how they were conducted before.

Mr. Sand Man... bring me a dream! wrote: 
I did a random* survey and determined that the average player is able at constructing complete sentences, and something below that at being coherent. Therefore we should keep the average player far, far, away from this, because the time lost trying to make heads or tails of their gibberish is clearly not worth it.

Yes, this too. There should be an essay involved in the selection process. OR, have a randomly selected pool of participants, and only enable their outbound pending submission of a coherent writing sample.
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