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Posted by ssandv at May 12, 2009 8:42:36 AM
Re: Conference of the Monarch (Thoughts)
I did a random* survey and determined that the average player is able at constructing complete sentences, and something below that at being coherent. Therefore we should keep the average player far, far, away from this, because the time lost trying to make heads or tails of their gibberish is clearly not worth it.

*I asked one person standing at a dock, and concluded that it was representative. I try to learn from my mistakes, so I didn't ever do it again.

(Don't ask me if that was sarcasm. I'm not sure myself, so I can't possibly give you a good answer.)

More seriously:

Do you think monarch conferences are resource-intensive? They take one OM and a party line, for what, 2 hours per ocean? (If that, the way some ocean populations are these days...) I suspect that getting the useful information out of an ocean-wide survey actually takes a good amount of effort.
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Leif wrote: 
I understand you'll ignore this as it doesn't support your paranoia.

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