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Posted by vnork at May 11, 2009 8:04:41 PM
Re: Conference of the Monarch (Thoughts)

Mind, I don't consider either of you no ones. ;-)

Acknowledging that something is a definite possibility is different from believing that it is true. It's possible to be agnostic in the face of uncertain options. I'm not sure how those statements that you quoted are contradictory in any way.

I do find it curious that people have jumped in, become very passionate/"pedantic" about sampling bias when the issue of what an average stat is, and yet they haven't raised the issue when deciding if sampling the top 10 monarchs leads to bias. The exception seems to be Darksand.

This is because sampling the top 10 monarchs undoubtedly leads to bias. There is pretty much absolutely no question that the top 10 monarchs aren't representative of the ocean. Has anyone even questioned that? The key question is how much the monarchs can approximate being unbiased, and whether it's worth asking their input even if they're utterly biased. I do think that holding a conference of monarchs is worthwhile, not really for the prospects of improving the game, but for increasing the perception that OOO listens to their customers.


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