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Posted by wrs1864b at May 11, 2009 6:28:05 PM
Re: Conference of the Monarch (Thoughts)
Vnork recently wrote wrote: 
No one other than Gothmog (that I recall) said that they believed "master" was an average stat.

Vnork earlier wrote wrote: 
Another perfectly acceptable definition {of average} is to log on and randomly sample a population of the online players. With that method, it's definitely possible that master would be an average stat, or at least in that general ballpark.

Pizzahutpete wrote: 
If it's the mean, and 50% are Able, with a scaling down to 1%-2% Ultimate, the mean very well may be in the high Respected to low Master area.

Mind, I don't consider either of you no ones. ;-)

I collected data on the average jobber for basic duty puzzle related stats intentionally because I thought it would be a much more useful stat than the average pirate online. I really don't think the average will go up if you include people on islands.

When you start gathering data already convinced of what you think you'll find, it's easy for latent biases to creep in unconsciously.

Indeed it is, but I've done surveys in the past expecting one thing and finding another and changed my mind.

I do find it curious that people have jumped in, become very passionate/"pedantic" about sampling bias when the issue of what an average stat is, and yet they haven't raised the issue when deciding if sampling the top 10 monarchs leads to bias. The exception seems to be Darksand.

Earlier, Darksand wrote wrote: 
Someone who has nothing above a master is, in fact, a seriously below average puzzler, unless the correlation between different rankings is *very* high.

I just did a quick check of the survey I did today. Out of 395 pirates, 314 have at least one stat that is master or above. I'm not sure if the other 81 count as being "seriously below average", but yeah, they are not average.

edit: d'oh master *or above*
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