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Posted by vnork at May 11, 2009 5:28:42 PM
Re: Conference of the Monarch (Thoughts)
When this thread started, I thought that monarchs and forum posters weren't that out of touch, but all these posts defending the idea that master is an average stat has changed my mind.

You misunderstand the motivation of those challenging your results.

Gothmog excluded, the focus of the feedback on your statistical data collection was to help you gather the highest data quality possible. No one other than Gothmog (that I recall) said that they believed "master" was an average stat. People just said that it was possible that it was, and that your statistical analysis wasn't rigorous enough to support your conclusion that it wasn't.

When you start gathering data already convinced of what you think you'll find, it's easy for latent biases to creep in unconsciously. It's useful to have a counterbalance, and it's not a personal attack on you or anything. For example, I know Gillie017 has spent her professional career doing statistical analysis and peer-reviewing the analysis of others, so she's passionate about conducting well-designed experiments.

I know many objections that have been raised may seem pedantic to most people, but if you use statistics to try to prove a point, you should expect people to question your methodology. It doesn't necessarily mean that they believe the opposite of your conclusion, it just means they think you're making an unjustified leap in your logic.


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