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Posted by Aethera21 at May 4, 2009 7:51:47 AM
Re: Conference of the Monarch (Thoughts)
I attended the 2nd conference on Cobalt, and my flag wasn't one of the Top 10 flags. Hypnos took PMs from those who weren't in that list but wanted to attend. So we don't need to argue about exclusivity. The first Cobalt conference, Pyralis attended, and I'm pretty sure we weren't in the Top 10 then either, though we were certainly closer to it. For the 2nd one, it wound up being only like 6 or 7 of us on the call, and Willelmus and I did most of the talking, if I recall correctly. A few people really just wanted to listen. Some decent issues were brought up in the conference , and a few were addressed, actually:

- XO help: number of stations filled v. not. (i.e. Sails 4/9, Carp 5/6, Bilge 4/4) Disconnecting messages shown ship-wide, new jobbing notices popping below old ones instead of above. Happiness expressed about the Ahoy tab not overriding the other tabs anymore.

-New, better game introduction for greenies. Some kind of new intro mission; that really teaches them some culture (about crews, flags, etc), let's them know about greeters, etc.

- Owner of ship listed somewhere, maybe on mouse over of ship on dock?

- Route difficulty. We've got too few yellow routes, only the interarches are orange, and we have no red routes at all. Increase difficulty of some routes all around, and make our "red routes" (aka the interarches we call red routes) actually red.

The first 3 we pretty much got in their entirety, and the last one, we got the league by league difficulty. We also got Pets in portraits and a change in pillaging payouts. I think some of our best suggestions, like dropping the allies of allies nonsense, should still be implemented, but they heard us on some of the other stuff, which we appreciated.

My point: they might not be groundbreaking, but they're helpful, because you get instant feedback on a lot of suggestions, and some stuff does actually get implemented, whether it's really by our suggestion or not. I know my flaggies felt really good about it when I was able to tell them I talked to Hypnos and shared their concerns. I think the reason Hypnos hasn't done these since 2007 is because she was doing that office hour once a week for a while. I think she's stopped them, and I doubt she got as much attendance as you'd expect. I know I never made it to one, because whenever I looked, it never seemed to be Cobalt's turn, and I'm sure when it was I forgot to look at all. So, maybe those should be started up again with a little fanfare, or maybe the monarch's conference can make a reappearance, but either way, more OM interaction makes for happier players.
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