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Posted by Deceptive at Apr 29, 2009 7:43:44 AM
Re: Trophy Suggestion Thread
Defeat a Brigand King or Barbarian King on a pilly
One "bronze" for the frist time, then it can have silver (10) and golden (100) like (barnabas the pale example):
Bronze Dead Spirit (First match won against Barbanas the Pale)
Silver Pale Soul (10 matches...)
Golden Barnabas Spectre (100 matches...)
Of course ir would be veeery hard to find the same king this number of times but i think it worthy for a trophy collection.

Perhaps not the same BK, but for any BK? As in, you can beat the WQ 5 times and Barna 5 times, and still get the silver, tho I think silver would be better placed at 20. Endorsed though. Then again, we already get trinkets!


There can be a trohpy by number of masterpieces made, or masterpieces along with grain bonus (both of them consecutively like a masterpiece grain bonus ^10). Like design suggestion (i know this isn't the place) maybe we can make Grain Bonus ^x like masterpiece too.

# of Masterpieces has been suggested before, for sure, but if they were to do something like that, people will be asking for such trophies in other Puzzle. # of Vagas' made, etc. I do not endorse!



Rigging needs trophies! Like number of guns on gunning and crabs on bilge, rigging can have trophies like X number of pieces looped, X number of Y tipe of special pieces used/made or something like this...

Rigging trophies has not yet been released, so they might already have something like that.



Poker can have another trophy: Royal Straight Flush! *-* wow

Been suggested many times, and I still endorse it, even though it relies mostly on luck, and probably never added.

There can be a "Moon Shooter" trophy, by shooting the moon X times on hearts...

Endorsed. This takes skill and isnt all that common.


I honestly don't care anymore.

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