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Posted by BlackBeth at Apr 18, 2009 3:30:38 PM
Pirates with Disabilities
An interesting case came up on greeter chat today. A new pirate who interfaces with his computer via a mouthstick was getting help in setting up controls and shortkeys so that he can navigate the game.

The greeter helping him asked if there was a forum thread that she could refer the greenie to for hints or tips from other pirates with disabilities. She was hoping someone might have tips about about any settings/tools/etc that he could use to help him play.

I searched and couldn't find such a thread. So I am creating one.

If you are a pirate with a disability and are looking for help with something specific, post here. If you have any tips, same thing.

I can start with the obvious:
Colorblind pirates who have trouble differentiating puzzle pieces should check out this thread which has some alternate graphics available.

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