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Posted by Jota at Sep 6, 2003 5:37:34 PM
Re: [Suggestion] A Test of Skills
cmdrzoom wrote: 
homullus wrote: 
One- and two- person boats probably aren't going to happen. I don't know what is so attractive about them, but it keeps coming up.

Because everyone, and I mean everyone, comes into the game wanting to get a ship/boat of their own, be their own master, sail where they will, etc.

To be honest, I'm not sure that I see two-crew-max boats as a bad thing at all, provided they're suitably limited. Specifically, a rowboat is too small to sail the high seas, but perfectly suited for sailing in cricles around an island, just like the training ships do. They should be only be able to attack or be attacked by other rowboats, should have no cargo space or coffers (just a little booty lockbox), and should have a small but permanent amount of damage that never goes up or down (since they're rickety little things, after all).

Since a rowboat isn't a ship, per se, they wouldn't have to be crew vessels. A rowboat would belong completely to (and could be piloted by) whoever held the deed, whether they were a senior officer or a cabin person in their own crew. I think that allowing this would actually cut down quite a bit on the number of tiny crews with unprepared captains out there, because new players wouldn't need to buy yet another small sloop and start up their own crew just to "be their own master" for a little bit.

Eventually most folks would grow out of the phase, but this way they wouldn't end up souring any new jobbers' experience with the game, or get in the way of the more experienced crews while sowing their oats as bad captains. And as long as they were separated from the real ships in the dock list (say, with a button to switch between listing ships and listing boats), then you wouldn't even need to see all the rowboats ringing every island.

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