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Posted by augiebot at Apr 7, 2009 12:42:40 PM
Re: Trinket Shoppe
I've made a bit of a nice sideline as a trinket wheeler-dealer. I solicit in the inns for buyers and sellers, and buy low and sell high. All you need to know is the relative rarity of particular trinkets (if you're paying more than 2k for a red starfish, yer definitely getting ripped off -- if you can get a shrunken head for less than 10k, that's a steal).

It's easier to buy trinkets than it is to sell them, but with a large selection and a high profit margin (I try for at least 200% markup over what I buy for, but it doesn't always happen), you can make a profitable life doing just this in the inns.

Having a consignment shoppe or trinket exchange would make the process easier, but right now I feel like this is sort of a black market (or just secondary economy) operation that the game should neither really encourage or discourage.

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