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Posted by merethif at Feb 18, 2009 12:07:50 AM
Re: Avatars by Empanado - Limited Comeback Tour (QUEUE OPEN)
One for me please. I will edit this post later.

So generally I would like to have bronze class summer/vacation/tropic/hawaii/bermuda avatar. I don't want a background and I don't have idea for animation, but if you get some neat idea for simple animation on the way I'm willing to pay for silver class. Anyway, payment will be done on Viridian. I know there's still plenty of time before the summer, but I'm not sure if your avatar shoppe will still be open and if I won't go bankrupt by that time.

As you can see in the gallery, Merethif is a sort of balding old codger with graying hair, beard and an eye patch. If there were a YPP movie Merethif should be definitely played by Dakin Matthews.

This link shows the main idea for the clothing, but it should be mixed with pirate outfit in some way. White bermuda shorts could go better with buckled shoes than sandals (if visible on avatar). Hawaii shirt instead of flowers could have some fancy Jolly Rogers pattern in orange/red (or similar juicy colours). I don't have idea for a hat but maybe some white musketeer hat or brown tricorne would be fine... or maybe make it without a hat at all (the latter sounds like a best solution for me, but It's up to you). Some cursed chalice with Bahamas Mama in hand would be cool. Also there could be some sort of tourist suitcase with travel badges (one badge could looks like simplified version of Atlantean Explorer trophy and the other like Cursed Banner trophy). Generally feel free to use/don't use any of those ideas - I think you got the main concept behind this avatar. You can make whatever face expression and pose (sitting/standing/three quarter length/full length) you like but please keep in mind that Merethif is rather plump pirate with jovial and easy-going personality. A pirate version of Friar Tuck perhaps.
Merethif of Viridian Ocean
Novice/Able at Poker and proud of it!
Vacation avatar by Empanado

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