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Posted by Jota at Sep 4, 2003 12:09:19 PM
Re: [Suggestion] A Test of Skills
SCHALAAY wrote: 
Heck, I'd love a little boat like that, even if it had no cargo space (besides enough for rum.)

Actually, this also reminds me of something else I'd been thinking of. Better than the little rowboat having cargo space for rum, it might be fun if you could carry a single unit of rum in your inventory, for personal use -- whether it's an emergency supply in case you wind up on a ship that's been drunk (or pillaged) dry, or for bribing other pirates with ("If ye /job me, I'll e'en bring me own rum!"), or even for running multi-player drinking games without the need for a table/keg nearby. The "bottle o' rum" is such a popular pirate cliche that it's a shame not to have it implemented. It'd also give the inns something to actually sell (the inn could order rum by the keg from the brewery, and then sell it to pirates by the bottle).

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