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Posted by ikketje at Feb 7, 2009 2:56:03 PM
Re: Avatars by Empanado - Limited Comeback Tour
Taking a spot in the queue.

Editing in details:

Sometimes I wanna be a little girl and just play with all my CI-dollies, we have: Cult, Homi, Vargy, Effy, and because I'm an evil girl too sometimes I also have Bondaged Homi and Molested dollheads. Make the dolls different sizes please, I really like the Vargas Vanquisher, he could be the big baby-doll.

I want to be sitting on the ground in between the dolls, looking all happy and innocent and playing with them.

I look like this.

In the avatar I want to be wearing the following outfit: sleepingcap indigo, plain shirt indigo, patched pants white/indigo. Beaded fetish around my neck if that won't be too tiny and detailled. If it would look too cluttered, don't worry with it.

Background and other: I just want it all to be CI-related, you can add items/colors/views/whatever as you see fit to make it complete.

I think this would fall in the Silver Class. I'll be paying on Midnight, gonna try to catch you there (I'm on Veerle there). Contact me through PM if you need more details or if you want to arrange a time to pay you your fee.

Thx !
Ikke on Meridian and Emerald
Veerle on Cerulean

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