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Posted by Fizz at Feb 7, 2009 2:50:21 PM
Re: Avatars by Empanado - Limited Comeback Tour
Zomg! I want one!

uhm.. but which one and what in it??



Okay.. so here is my portrait gallery. I currently have white curly hair, an eye patch and a hook. You can use any type of clothing, but please make them purple/black or purple/purple or purple/lavender (see a theme?) I'd also like my purple octo, Lila and my 2 kitties, Moushtie and Sunshine included. If you can, maybe incorporate the 2 OM dolls that I have, Eurydice and Apollo...

As for what sort of puzzles I like.. I like to gun, bilge, carp and sail, in that order. I like to play spades, sf, rumble and forage... but out of all of those, the best one I am at is forage.... soo maybe something with that?

If you have any questions or whatever... give me a hollar!

EDIT again: forgot to say what avatar class... how about a silver.
Fizz -- RETIRED Senior Officer of Phoenix Warriors, Lady of Tyrs Own

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