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Posted by Empanado at Feb 7, 2009 12:47:34 PM
Avatars by Empanado - Limited Comeback Tour (QUEUE FULL)
After several semesters of severe self-introspection, I have decided to have another go at this business, as I have grown tired of the bare walls of my manor. Threrefore, I have decided to follow the steps of respectable rock bands of past decades and fill my pockets while I bask in the glory of my past successes.
By the end of my previous run, I had lost certain touch of professionalism, which caused severe delay in the productive proccess. This time things will be by the book: A 5 7-spot queue has been implemented.

Unfortunately, that is not the only change. As you are aware, we are in troublesome times, economy-wise! Inflation runs rampant! Banks go bankrupt! All around financial mayhem! That's why I had to apply slight modifications to my price system:

+++ Bronze Class - 10,000 PoE +++

A simple portrait of your pirate, no background, nothing overtly complicated. You can be hanging out with your pet, striking some action poses and/or punching out some bad dudes, but better leave the novelty costumes, motorcycles or Hollywood sets at home.

+++ Silver Class - 15,000 PoE +++

Either a Bronze Class avatar with simple animation, or a full-blown action portrait. Battles, backgrounds, sunsets - whatever scene that can be fit inside the 150x150, 60k margins.

+++ Golden Class - 25,000 PoE +++

Either a Silver Class avatar with simple animation or a sucession of different drawings. Tell your own story! (Keep in mind that you're still under the 60k limit - more than three different pictures tend to be too much)

Additionally, if you think you know your photoshoops, .pings, .jay-pegs and .geefs, you can request your picture, of whatever complexity but no animation, in natural size (generally around 600x600 pixels) and fashion it yourself into standard avatar size. A natural-size picture costs 10,000 PoE and does not include an avatar-size version.

Payments are taken in Midnight - in any other ocean the price is doubled.

To maintain transparence in the process, I advice you to state your request in this thread - Do not send me PMs with your request unless you want to give further details on your avatar or make modifications to your request.

Orders completed on this run:


. Darkfaery
. Merethif
. Swordmaster
. Typo
. Lovette
. Deutschy
. Holography
Empanado, at Midnight, makes avatars.

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