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Posted by Natro at Sep 3, 2003 2:06:51 PM
Re: [Suggestion] A Test of Skills
mlk wrote

What is a racing lane, if not just a map between two islands?
I guess having "disposable" maps for teams with out the map between two islands would be good, or maybe player free routes.
But then I quite like the idea of ambusing the other teams, Muhahahahaha.

I was thinking a set course set by the person that first set the rules. And the idea of being able to help your flag or crew with a second ship as a ambush is a great idea makeing a mini flag war out of a race and by setting up anbushes at stratigic points or maybe fogbanks.

mlk wrote

This could be cool. Setting up sea monsters to take on, or even requring the teams to "steal" X amount of certain goods on route.

now that would be a true test of skill and speed.

burrito wrote

With regards to the racing, I think it'd be cool if the race took place in sea battle format, where you have to go through a set course without hitting rocks and while firing cannons at each other.

Now that would be fun. Throw in targets on the way and you got yourself an competitive cannon target gallery. Maybe a set number of targets and you get an extra token more cannon balls or repairs.

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