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Posted by Lothy at Sep 3, 2003 4:34:43 AM
Re: Ship upgrades and puzzle variations
My 2 PoE :

I'm all in favor of puzzle tweaks based on customizations. I think they'd all a new level to each of them and would help to really seperate the good players from the great ones.

From a design standpoint, when you're using pre-rendered 2D graphics like they are, I'd imagine it's extremely difficult to allow customizable ships. Simply because you then have to "piece" the ship background graphic together based on what they have equipped, and that's fairly arduous. 3D graphics makes this easier (if you're good at 3D programming that is), but that's not to say I recommend a switch. I personally like the way they've designed the look of Y!PP.

A possible compromise would be to just incorporate "new" ship types, to allow for a wider range of available options. That way they can pre-render the graphics the way it's easier for them, and we as players get more freedom to choose the ship that's best for us.

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