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Posted by Natro at Sep 3, 2003 3:18:47 AM
[Suggestion] A Test of Skills
This is just a suggestion on a new building or something that could be added to the inn. It might have been suggested before but here it goes.

A building full of every type of puzzle multiplied and link making everything become a competition (A ring for multiple people sword fights 4 or 6 navigation, sailing, bilging ect... puzzles that are link. This will not make it necessary to change the puzzles (they could just be the same but have time limits and who ever does the best in that time limit wins or change it on the nav and sailing that extra pieces will fall from the top if your opponent makes a really good combo. On bilging instead of draining water you make water rise on the opponents screen first to get the other to the top wins. On nav first to make other boach or reach a set number of color/symbol matches and first to set number of boards)

This place could also have really small sloops where teams could race on lanes to the finish line. A record list (No legendary or things like that but a real ranking so they can have a champion of the island or of the building at least and set up 1 on 1 battles between champions from different islands and sell tickets to spectators) as a real Rating of skill instead of the one we have now that can be got around.

The owner of this building can normally sell tickets for casual use or rent the building out to a flag or crew for a set price. This building will make it easier to hold tournaments and make it a good place to just spend your money heck you can even make it NPP run so it can be a money drain.

(Btw the nav puzzle could count towards your skill making the nav requirement easier to get)

Fudu, Capt. of the crew Specter of an Unknown Goat

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