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Posted by fanon at Sep 1, 2004 12:28:47 AM
Re: Questions from a new officer
You need only return your ship to that port when you want to deliver your order. You can bid for more goods than you space for, as well, and when you deliver the order, it'll only give you what you have room for at the time, and leave the rest in the market to be picked up later.

Slight detail (it was implicit / assumed, but I'll mention it anyways), it doesn't need to be your ship... it can be any ship that you can access the hold on. So if you're an officer, you can deliver a bid to any ship in your crew, regardless of whether you personally own the ship or not. Only time actually owning the ship is important (apart from the pride factor) is when memorising routes.

While bids don't decay right now, I believe it is something that might be coming in the future (try a search on market decay or commodity decay). Right now, the market offers unlimited storage in the form of filled, un-delivered bid tickets, which is somewhat of an exploit =)

Larger ships get slightly more swabbies

They do? I always thought you could only get 4 swabbies max (3 for sloops & cutters), and the only difference on larger ships is that more people can come aboard before swabbies start leaving?

And yeah, solo'ing a sloop isn't too hard, and solo'ing a cutter is still OK (just much harder to get up to full speed). But it's usually impractical to solo anything bigger...

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