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Posted by Dorel at Aug 31, 2004 11:10:22 PM
Re: Questions from a new officer
JCorrado wrote: 
Question #1: I've noticed that there are 3 types of cannonballs, and I assume that large shots do more damage than smaller ones. Can any ship fire any cannon? Or do only larger ships get to fire larger cannon?

Aye, different sizes of shot do different amount of damage, but you can't load any type of shot on any ship. The type of shot used by each ship is :
Small cbs : sloop, cutter
Medium cbs : Merchant Brig, War Brig
Large cbs : Merchant Galleon, War Frigate, Grand Frigate

Question #2: If I wanted to put a bid in on a commodity at a Market, and I don't have a shop or warehouse there- do I need to leave a ship to hold the goods until the bid is fulfilled, or do I just need to show up with a ship at some point after my bid is completed? And if the latter, is there a point after which the good get lost from neglect?

I'm afraid I can't answer that one, but I'm sure someone else will be able to.

Question #3: I know there are several different Archipelagos. Is there any sort of difficulty attached to them? I.E.- are the fights harder in Ruby than they are at Diamond?

There are differences in difficulty in the brigands, but these are associated to the routes, and not the archipelagos. However, archs like Ruby have a lot of difficult routes, hence making it a difficult arch.

Question #4: A sloop gets 4 swabbies if'n you don't have other players on board (or if the other players are green). Do other ships get more swabbies, or is it kind of pathetic and pointless to solo on a War Brig? ("Germy George, you handle the twenty guns; Cheery Charlie, you handle the thirty bilge pumps; Ludicrous Louie, you run the sails, and I'll take the hammer.")

You only get three swabbies on a sloop, four on any other ship. This makes soloing on anything else except a sloop difficult to do. Plus, swabbies can't load guns.
Hermes wrote: 
Gather round, folks, for the Ballad of Dorel the Invulnerable!
silverkitty wrote: 
The ocean is dangerous, bring a lifejacket.

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