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Posted by Dazrix at Nov 29, 2008 8:00:47 AM
Re: Flags Seeking Crews
Someones already done one only 3 posts-ish up for Perseverance :P

Kumo No Su... a flag for crews that are here for more then just carousing.

Kumo No Su is a flag for proffessional pirates.. That is, you know how to pillage and plunder. We're not pacifists by any means, I'm pro war, after risk analysis.

We're not a very strong flag in terms of our fleet size, but what we make up for is in our efficiency.

Kumo No Su will teach new crews the ins and outs of the piratey politics, along with have a fair and balanced decision making process, including scenarios that may involve island governorship in future.

We're hoping to create a more balanced and diverse ocean, something to prevent Malachite from being stagnant, and at the same time, create more of a power division between the alliance rings. By creating our own.

If interested in joining, contact Dazrix or Dragouner in game.
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