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Posted by aameul at Sep 1, 2003 2:39:52 PM
Re: Ship upgrades and puzzle variations
I don't like this idea because Y!PP is the only MMORPG that is almost completely non-equipment dependant. It's one of the *strengths* of the game that a greenhorn fresh off of character creation can be just at a puzzle as a crew's captain. I vote for now (or very few) gameplay advantages for having 16 hours a day to devote to a game.

re: carpentry holes getting larger, regardless of experience, at the start of the puzzle (i.e. when you do 'start carpentry') the holes start out the same size. As you go longer and longer without porting, the holes gradually get larger and larger. It's simply a function of time puzzling since last port, and not anything to do with your personal experience at the puzzle.

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