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Posted by MojoChiba at Sep 1, 2003 7:51:02 AM
Re: Ship upgrades and puzzle variations
I didn't mean to subtract from your post at all, and I hope you didn't take it like that. My post was meant to be more of an "added along with" type of deal. As far as what YPP currently does, my experience is that sailing is pretty random, sometimes I get hard puzzles and sometimes easy with no apparent pattern aside from maybe a time based algorithm. With carpentry, you get bigger holes as you go along, but only while you're doing the carpentry. Once you get off the ship and get on a ship again, the carpentry (for me) has always started with fairly small holes that got bigger. This does not really help the newbs or help to separate the cream of the crop. I think the additions would be great, as the puzzles on their own merit do get a bit boring.
-Mojo Chiba

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