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Posted by Star09 at Oct 23, 2008 7:22:57 PM
Re: Looking for a decorator?
I was working on Castawayjoe's rooms, he wanted me to make a bedroom and a seating area. For the seating area he didn't have any chairs, benches or sofas, so I suggested he should order a sofa. That room is still in progress, as you can tell.

Here is the before of that room, the after I will post later :)
Castawayjoe's Seating Room - Before

The bedroom I was able to finish however, here are the before and afters:
Castawayjoe's Bedroom - Before
Castawayjoe's Bedroom - After

This room was more of a storage room before, with no actual theme, and Castawayjoe wanted me to make a bedroom out of it. He asked me to include a wardrobe, tournament board and a sword fighting table; he also said he loves the tub, and I thought it would look nice in the bedroom, so I asked him to move it from the seating room (where it wasn't going to fit in anyways) and place it in the bedroom. The bunk had to be placed on a wall, so there weren't many options, so the rest of the room had to be arranged around the bunk. I split the room into three general areas, using the columns as the dividers. The top half of the room became the "bedroom", with the bunk and wardrobe. The top right corner is the bathroom, with the tub and some candle light. And the bottom half of the room is the office/games area with an office/study table and a few games tables. I suggested he should get a couple of plain chairs to put around the card table. Hope you like it :)
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