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Posted by Tammo at Aug 31, 2003 6:03:39 AM
Re: Island Colonisation and Diamond Shoppes
Aye, but 'ere's an idea, mates. The messy part would be the new an' clueless types (like m'self) that would jus' get robbed in that type o' war zone. What if they was started out in the less developed ocean, an then were able ter move an explore the vast piratical universe that is azure? Anyhow, would it really be that much of a mess?

But this concept of starting out in the smaller ocean would add a kinda "movin' to the big city" type o' feel to the game. Imagine goin' from a wee little island such as wrasse an' knowin' only its types to pullin' inter alpha. That'd be a mighty cool experience, eh? Not only would it be cool, but it would also bring into sight the concept of limitless expansion that keeps us all playin'.

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