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Posted by Star09 at Oct 7, 2008 1:00:49 AM
Re: Looking for a decorator?
My next assignment was to decorate three rooms for Northstar, her basement, living room, and bedroom.

First of all this is the before and after of the basement:
Northstar's Basement 1 - Before
Northstar's Basement 2 - Before

Northstar's Basement 1 - After
Northstar's Basement 2 - After

Northstar's Complete Basement - After

As you can see in the before there were two different bars, and I thought there was no need for two, so I removed the old bar segments (they didn't fit in anyways). I also removed the jug table and the trough because it gave a dirty atmosphere. I also replaced the stools with some plain chairs, this also freed up a lot of space. I added two marble tables to add more class to the room, and these also served as good places to move the treasure loot to. I also ended up moving the tournament board to the side because it was blocking the view of the rail, which actually looks pretty nice. Most of the rest of the furniture I moved around to where I thought it made more sense, such as the sword rack and bludgeon trunk next to their games tables; and the palace painting towards the center of the room and no longer being blocked by the sofa.

Now we move to the before and afters of the living room:
Northstar's Livingroom 1 - Before
Northstar's Livingroom 2 - Before

Northstar's Livingroom 1 - After
Northstar's Livingroom 2 - After

Northstar's Complete Livingroom - Before
Northstar's Complete Livingroom - After

The living room was pretty nice in the first place, but one problem I saw right away was the fancy table between the sofas. This table is so tall when you walk up to it and it really doesn't fit next to the sofas. But I did want to use as much of the original furniture in the room, so I decided to turn that table into a dining room table and place it at the bottom of the room (the plain chairs should be replaced with fancy chairs though). This also forced me to move the carpet which didn't look nice in that corner, and I wanted to center it more, which I did by putting it in the middle of the room at the top. I also changed the position of the Christmas tree and the piano around. The tree was blocking the light and the door as well, and the piano being lower was a better fit for that area. I wanted to put the Christmas tree in the center of the room but it would take up a lot of space and the side of the room has that nook which was perfect. The piano also looked very nice between the tree and the window, so I placed it there (for convenient caroling). This left the center of the room empty, which was perfect for the sofas. I arranged them perpendicular to each other and facing the tree, which gave a very warm atmosphere. The globe table matches the two sofas so I thought it should be closer to them then how it was originally placed. (also replacing it with a rectangular marble table would look nice). I removed the poker table because there are already games tables in the basement; and it didn't really fit in into the living room.

Lastly here is Northstar's bedroom, befores and afters:
Northstar's Bedroom 1 - Before
Northstar's Bedroom 2 - Before

Northstar's Bedroom 1 - After
Northstar's Bedroom 2 - After

Northstar's Complete Bedroom - Before
Northstar's Complete Bedroom - After

The way I saw the bedroom broke down into two sections, the seating area and the bedroom. In the seating area I saw a problem with the two sofas, they were so far apart that it didn't make any sense for people to sit on them and talk (lets pretend we can do that :P) so I moved them together. The pillows also felt out of place in the middle of the room, so I moved them next to the carpet. The bludgeon trunk, display case and little chest all aligned didn't look really that nice, so I split them up.

Northstar used the tan and brown cloth as a divider for her room, but I thought that there was a better way to divide the room, so I removed the cloth. The wardrobe and bookcase both are very tall pieces of furniture and act well as dividers, so I placed them where I did, facing the bedroom; these locations were also better for them than the previous ones. The floral arangement in the middle of the room was very stylish but sadly I had to break it up in order to place some flowers under the bed, this also opened up the passage into the bedroom which looks nice. Talking about the flowers, I suggested to Northstar to purchase another matching flower to put under the bed to make it symmetrical. I left the drinking table there because Northstar likes drinking and it does go well with the spa area (imagine sipping wine while in a bubble path with lit candles). The stools should be replaced with plain chairs and a fancy chair next to the bookdesk. Also since there were quite a few of the same eggs I used them sparingly around the room as a border in places where the wall looked empty.

And thats about it, thanks for the chance to decorate your house Northstar! :)
Lovette From Hunter Ocean

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