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Posted by Master15S at Oct 5, 2008 2:17:04 PM
Re: Ilya's Garden
Well, as soon as you get comfy with the YPP tools, I'd LOVE for you to do my room. It is in a hearties manor and I have lots of furni =D so You'll do it on Virid, huh? I can pay you, as I'll probably be after #3 since I have to wait XD and how much will it be, so I can start saving up? I'll take a screenie of my room when I log on in a bit and edit the linky in here.. sorry if it is scary >.<

As I said, I'm jsut a roomie in hearty's manor, but When you get comfy with the YPP tools, I'd LOVE some help (I am not good at anything style wise. I asked my brother for color help while shopping for clothes XD)


Ps: Would you like payment on Hunter or Viridian when It gets to that point?
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