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Posted by Legerdemain at Aug 30, 2003 12:06:29 PM
Re: Ship HO! Man the guns! A guide to Sea Battle
Found it, or at least one discussing the issue:

Read Nemo's post...this is from as recently as Aug. 19th, reproduced below for convenience, and because it has some other stuff in there that is worth looking at again. I've highlighted the relevant bits.

Nemo wrote: 

As for Swordfighting AIs cheating, they have the same sort of restrictions players do, but do "play" the puzzle differently (as garf said in another post, "statistically"). I think more often the "cheating" is just a misunderstanding of the situation (occasionally exacerbated by the targetting dots moving too slowly).

* Attacks queue against you and enemies.
This means that if three of you are sending repeated, small breaks to an opponent, you will build up a long time of nearly zero board growth. When you finally make your giant combo, it will take longer to register if you've been pelting them with spitballs.
It also means that numerous attacks could still be lined up on you well after all opponents have changed targets. The changes to the dot motion should help make this clearer.

* NPP AIs fight more slowly the more players are targetting them. This makes the above time-spread increase even more dramatically and can make it seem as though the opponent is invincible. It is not. A player can dot the same thing.
* Sea Battle ranking is relative to your and their current performance.
When Gravybeard's enemies switched from green to orange, that did not mean they were lying or shielding their skill. After the battle, both mights recalculated based on the fact that his crew lost and the ranks changed accordingly.
This also means that if you target cyans for a long time before deciding to upgrade to greens, you are ugrading more than you think you are. Beating all those cyans does (slightly) increase your might score. Each cyan you beat in succession is actually a little bit harder, and when you decide to go for a green later on, it is actually a ship that would have appeared yellow, or even orange to you earlier in the voyage.


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