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Posted by Star09 at Oct 3, 2008 5:19:10 AM
Looking for a decorator?
Is your bedroom a mess?
Do your hearties avoid coming on your pillages because your boat is a wreck?
Is your decor scaring off business in your shoppes?

Then I have the solution for you!

Decorating With Love (TM)

Welcome to my newly opened decorating business!
What I offer in this service is my sense of style, and all you need to do is provide me with a place to start working!

Some of the services I offer are:
1) House Floor Planning - suggestions on what each room should be used for
2) Design Theme - suggestions on the color and theme of a room
3) Furniture Choice - suggestions on what furniture should be placed in a room
4) Furniture Arrangement - placement of your new or existing furniture

I decorate houses of all shapes and sizes, both shoppes and stalls, and even your boats.
Of course I do individual rooms as well.

In order to get the best results and an absolutely great room additional P.o.E. will need to be spent on paint and matching furniture. However this is not required; I can do wonders with the furniture you already own, so long as you have a fair amount for me to move around.

About me:
I have been playing on the Hunter Ocean for almost two years and have good reputation in the community. If you have any questions feel free to private message me on the forums or look for me in game.

There is no set fee. I'm accepting payment based on your satisfaction. If you like how I decorate, you can pay me as much or as little as you want. And If you are not satisfied with what I have done, you don't have to pay me at all.

Below are some samples of my work:

Sample House
Living Room
Basement/Games Room
Study Room

Sample Shoppes
Distillery - Main Floor
Distillery - Second Floor
Shipyard - Main Floor
Shipyard - Second Floor
Tailor Stall

Sample Boat
Dhow - Deck (Back)
Dhow - Deck (Front)
Dhow - Cabin
Dhow - Below Deck

If you would like to see more sample, look throughout this thread for screenshots of how i decorated for other people.

If you are interested in any of these services reply to this thread with your name, and when I am online I will look for you. If we cannot find each other online then I will contact you via private message on the forum.

Thanks for checking out my post!

Disclaimer!: While I try to move the furniture as little as possible during the arrangement process, if your furniture is very old there is still a possibility that it may turn into a prop leaving it unmovable. If this occurs I will not be held financially responsible.
The service i'm offering here requires some trust on your part. If you want me to decorate your boat you would have to give me the deed while I do it, likewise with shoppes and stalls I would need to be made a manager, and for houses I would need to be a roommate.
Also in some cases you might need to trade me your furniture as well so that I can move it around between rooms.
If you are not comfortable with doing these, then I can offer you my suggestions only, which may be difficult to express through typing.

Lovette From Hunter Ocean

Decorating With Love (TM)
My Gallery

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