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Posted by Frostburnx at Sep 13, 2008 5:36:41 AM
Re: You can say anything with a screenie... or 2.
Ok I got some! I took this about a week ago and I was all like WTF!? This is funny because the women in my family are typically very loud O_o

The rest of these I had to dig up from YEARS ago, one of them is even from Beta! I played Esmerelda in Beta, and then Moonshine when Midnight Ocean came out and the game was in full swing. These are all Halloween time! (I'm in a Halloweeny mood!)
Lennore is Babette, and Bippin is Chambord!

My two sisters and I:

This was when we all logged on to find ourselves mysteriously turned to zombies! Our winning battle faces were so disgusting, that I just HAD to get a screenie of it!

Liliene on Cerulean

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