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Posted by starsapphire at Aug 6, 2008 6:58:36 PM
Re: Falmari's Fantastic Avatar Shoppe!!
I see my advice worked because of the nose. Really genius and magnificent work. Well done. :)

Thanks.. But I did a different style that had a nose, I didn't add it to my other style.

In other news...

Frostyangelz is (finally) done!

Once I recieve payment I will post your actual order. :-)

Updated Queue:

1. Starsha
2. Mrtickle(s)? Is it Mrtickle or Mrtickles?
3. Mrtickle(s)?

Awaiting Payment

1. Frostyangelz
Falmari on all Oceans

In water they had great delight, and those that came at last to the western shores were enamoured of the sea.

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