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Posted by SilveRansom at Jul 11, 2008 12:36:11 PM
Re: Silveransom's Avatar Tech
Ever since I found out about the Smudge tool, I've been a strong smudge advocate because it's anywhere from 50 to 200x more powerful than the Blur tool.

I never use the Blur tool. The strength of the Smudge tool can be dialed back, so if I ever need something mildly blurred, I use the Gaussian Blur (Filter) or a low strength Smudge tool.

As Rhodin mentioned, you can draw around an area with the selection lasso and do the Gaussian Blur within that. I tend not to bother, since it's faster and smoother for me to just put it on a layer, GB it, and erase what I don't like. Playing around with the selection (especially if you alter the selection feather setting) can definitely make for some good effects, though.
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