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Posted by Shuranthae at Aug 2, 2004 3:50:30 AM
Re: How might rings are decided
I'm pretty sure ship size is irrelevant to Might Rating. I saw that screenshot though Tawnee and I remember thinking something looked odd about it.

Might Rating is determined by some calculations involving the Number of Pirates on Board and their Sea Battle Standings.

And a damaged ship should not have a lower Might Rating. Might Rating includes the Sea Battle Standing, which should factor in the ability to handle and ensure the ship is well ran. If you can't properly sail a ship, then you deserve to get your behind (and that of your Sea Battle Standing's) knocked down a few levels until you face Brigands of appropriate level where you can handle the ship.

Besides, it'd make it rather easy to abuse to max my own Merchant Galleon and set sail with an even lower Might Rating.

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