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Posted by ikajaste at Jul 29, 2004 2:54:23 PM
improving chat logs
These two threads are also relevant:

    Feature Request: Multiple chat log files.
    [Request] Improved messages[/list:u:57ad3c1eca]

    Quite frankly, I don't know why Ringers haven't already implemented a better log. Seems like quite a trivial thing to code, really.

    I believe the chat log processing software can and will be written by the community. It's just that currently the chat logs don't provide enough information. What pelople seem to be mostly after is a way of recognizing which character they are playing, and a way of knowing which channel a message was said on.

    I just don't see any trouble in adding that information to the log. If there is a problem, I hope someone will say what it is. Then we can discuss how to solve the problem, not just repeat to ourselves that "yes, we do want this". Or if the problem is beyond our help (a game code related thing), it would be nice to know it too.

    Yeah, it probably benefits only a small amount of people, but it just seems so trivial to implement.
    - Ilari (Artias of Revontuli, Mignight Ocean)

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