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Posted by Bia at Apr 24, 2008 4:32:02 AM
Re: Animation Avatars - Win a Bia Doll!
I must say, it was quite difficult to do the judging. Over sixty avatars were entered into the contest, by more than thirty players, and all of them wonderful in some way. I enjoyed the choices and interpretations you each brought to the avatars and thank you all for entering.

I did not expect quite so many Miyazaki-inspired entries when I began the contest, but given his popularity and skill, that should not have surprised me. I did enjoy how different many of them are.

Perhaps the most surprising omissions were some obvious thematic choices, either for pirates (such as Treasure Planet or One Piece) or Greek Gods (such as Disney's Hercules). Even so, I enjoyed all of the animations that were chosen.

Honourable Mentions
  • Docktarte, Sage - Matches the Powerpuff Girls style very well. The text and background adds strongly to it.
  • Falmari, Midnight - An impressive seven avatars, but The Venture Bros. catches my eye the best
  • Gtmac, Cobalt - The Turnip Head avatar makes me smile. The flip-book makes me laugh.
  • Gwiddon, Sage - Very evocative of the Rugrats.
  • Rhodin, Viridian - I did laugh.

    Runners Up - winning a Bia Egg
  • Chiichan, Sage - My only familiarity with Pippi Longstocking is from the 1988 feature film, so I shall have to take some time to watch the more recent animated series, which I did not previously know about.
  • Fogg, Sage - I am quite curious to see the inspiration for this avatar, but it does not seem to be available in my area, so I shall likely have to wait. The trailer looks very impressive.
  • Groshawk, Viridian - Very well done in Aoyama's style. The Japanese text is a very good touch.
  • Hippihanni, Sage - Trebuchet looks very mischievous. The framing of the first Avatar is very well done with the trees and the moon.
  • Lamour, Sage - An impressive collection overall. The two Miyazaki avatars match each of the movies very well, and the Dr. Slump one is extremely close to Toriyama's style.
  • Pogo, Midnight - A wonderful set of avatars that each fit the animation style chosen very well while still retaining a distinct sense of me
  • Sancha, Midnight - A well done introduction to a new piece of animation that I shall have to try.
  • Silveransom, Sage - I do hope I shall not have to detach my own arm at any point. The patchwork Trebuchet is wonderful.

    Winners of the Bia dolls
  • Pareia, Viridian - Extremely polished and well reminiscent of the Roger Rabbit style. It certainly catches the eye.
  • Salmagundi, Sage - Perhaps my favourite avatar, both for series and for how well it matches the style of Kim Possible.

    Again, thank you to everyone who entered.
    Avatar by Salmagundi

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