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Posted by fireopal at Apr 6, 2008 2:46:23 PM
Re: Animation Avatars - Win a Bia Doll!
Finally I believe I am finished!!
Must I reassure that my piece is obviously and intentionally original? Although this might not stand up to Pogo or Pareia in the long run, I worked hard and I am pleased with my entry. Coloring was the best part. :)

Shego Bia:

Shego is working it flame in hand (flame that I tried to make look like ectoplasm)
If I have time I might come around and shade a little. Kim Possible isn't really an animation style that shades, but hey, I'll try and work it.
The reason why my first avatar looks awkward it because there's a huge space in the bottom left hand corner (I wanted to include Trebuchet). And believe me, Trebbie does NOT look good as a naked mole rat. Blecch!
In the meantime, can people please give me some input before the contest closes?
Salmagundi on Sage | Proxima on Malachite
The shoppe is closed for good.
Retired. I pay my dues to my mates.

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