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Posted by sherrieart at Apr 5, 2008 5:24:14 PM
Re: Animation Avatars - Win a Bia Doll!
Hi Benzene

Thanks for the constructive critisism, I think this is what Rampage prefers. I have kept pretty quiet about this so far ( due to ill health I rarely get onto PP any more )....ooops forgot to say I am Rampages Wife.

Regarding programs used in Rampages art - We own a range of software including the full macromedia suite, maya, max, bryce, poser, various photoshops, paintshop pros, painter just to name a few.

For these cartoons Rampage thought it was not politically correct to use expensive software - as many members do not have such luxuries.

As for these cartoons not being PP orientated - I guess I can see where you are coming from - Rampage has obviously been far to subtle

Bugs - Different carrot, slight change in main lines, colour, and facial features etc

Lola - Notice she has a PP type earing & dress and the feather in her hair I also believe in in keeping with PP ( the feather in was put in at my suggestion "I take the blame for that" )..

Girl showing animated font - She is a Redhead, no she does not have dark skin. Rampage wanted to keep this one simple in colour an just concentrate on making Bia's name stand out.

Jasmine - Rampage used a colour scheme I suggested ( me being a girlie - he thought I knew best "obviously not in this case" ) Jasmine also has slight differences in her linework in order to make it stand out in such small pixels. Rampage is used to working at 7500x7500 at 300DPI minimum usually - this was quite a challange working on an image so small. Jasmine also has PP pirate earings, the sea horse was based on one from little mermaid I think - "my daughter has it on DVD and said it looks cute" - I again am responsible for requesting the colours used in the sea horse.

I have insight to the next image rampage is making (2 days in process at the moment) She is also a redhead, she is manga based, a media Rampage has never tried before - she does so far have pale skin but this kinda looks better on a redhead, she appears quite piratey so far and thats all Im going to say about her......I have probably given away too much already......No cups of tea for me tonight!!!!!!

One final thing, Rampage doesnt proclaim to be a proffessional artist, he is student of life, art and the universe - as we all are....

His free time is spent usually doing what I call very masculin pieces, dark fantasy or landscape based - this is why he call upon the girlies of the houshold for the colour inspiration - I just wish we had kept out mouths shut as it makes us feel responsible for what has happened.

At the end of the day Rampage entered this contest in the spirit of fun and self development - yeah of course he'd love a Bia doll!!! who wouldnt.

I would like to stress - Rampage and I do appreciate your contructive critic - a good critic like yours helps a budding artist grow.

Slanderous remarks said in other posts by un-named persons are not welcomed

My best wishes to you Benzene :)
Ticklemfancy of sage.

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