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Posted by Benzene265 at Apr 5, 2008 1:55:41 PM
Re: Animation Avatars - Win a Bia Doll!
I have Animation Shop. It came free with Paint Shop Pro and its only step up over what I had before (Ulead Gif animator, the free trial version downloaded 9 years ago) was that it actually has an undo button. It's okay for things that only have three frames, like my current avatar, but for the things you're describing, you really ought to get Flash. It's quite a bit pricier than the stuff you have, but really, nothing does what Flash does for free.

Everyone here that did a passable job probably referenced something. I even referenced Trogdor, mostly to be sure I got the number of spines and such correct. The S-shaped body and beefy arm were a given. >.> But, I tied it to Bia and Y!PP by making the dragon Bia-colored and adding pigtails and a greenie to burninate. There aren't any peasants or thatched-roof cottages in Y!PP. It wouldn't have made sense to straight-up copy Trogdor, no matter how awesome that would be. Bia could just screenie the cartoon and come up with a better avatar than I could ever draw, thus defeating the whole point of the contest. Look through the other entries. You should notice that most people added Bialike touches, such as the red hair in pigtails, the well-tanned skin, and the navy, gold, and black wardrobe.

The problem everyone's having with your work is that there's too much Disney and Warner and not enough Y!PP. Make them more piratey. Why not ape Peter Pan or the PotC cartoon art that pops up on school supplies and in graphic novels? Looney Tunes had plenty of shipboard episodes. Use those for your inspiration. Oh, and be sure to have plenty of well-tanned redheads.

Of course, this is only popular opinion. If Bia likes your work, then you get the doll and we get to tart until she locks the thread. Keep entering, but consider cutting a tiny bit further away from your inspirations on the next one.
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