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Posted by 24V at Apr 5, 2008 11:01:29 AM
Re: Animation Avatars - Win a Bia Doll!
How does this prove you made this 100% from scratch, at all? The previous one was also pre-made and dragged into animation shop. No offense, but I can tell.

well i do take offence at it, the reason i made the making of my work is so i did not get comments like this no one else has bothered showing there workings and because i do i get slated for it why ??? ALL 3 of my entrys was 100% created by me on my pc .... using = Daz studio, poser, paint shop pro and a wacom art tablet why not take a look here this is some more of my work but i must have stolen that to huh

i really do not know why i bothered, infact i dont think i will bother making any more after the one in drawing right now im a 33 and a father of 4 i really dont need to prove my self to you or anyone i know i made those images and thats all that really matters. Oh by the way if i took the images and dropped them into animation shop then please find the images i used on the net somewhere anywhere or better still take any image from the net and drop it into animation shop and see if you can get it to move.

just for everyones infomation for those people who dont know how animation shop works ...... my avatar with the feather is over 60 frames long that means i had to make 60 pictures all slightly different and then load them into animation shop and set the frame rate ... my last image is (jasmin) is 36 frames long just to get the bubbles to move its a pain in the booty! but the end result is worth it the girl with her head turning was all made in daz studio ........ so any more comments can now be informed comments.

this is the reason im annoyed, i can take criticism well, but i really dont like slander
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