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Posted by marundel at Mar 28, 2008 6:40:23 AM
Re: Lime Day
/e begs the Oceanmasters to put some Lime Dye on Cobalt. Surely it's possible?

I don't really see the point in having Lime Dye on Cobalt. It would serve no purpose on the ocean. Originally, it was used on Azure to produce Lime Cloth. It was moved to Midnight in the early days but cannot be made any longer. There are a few units of it around the ocean, you saw Ivdripper has part of that. But on Cobalt, it would serve no purpose other than as a novelty item.

Because anything new and shiny catches the eye and detracts attention from more pressing issues.

...and quite frankly, since I play the game to get away from RL, anything new and shiny that doesn't cost me a lot of time or money is welcome.

Besides, since Stevensam went to all the trouble to crank up Lime Day, make it a monthly thing with huge public support, and even got OMs to play in it with mirth and gusto, I think a little Lime Dye splashed around the ocean is a perfect way to acknowledge that effort.
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