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Posted by funnybones at Jul 18, 2004 5:38:42 AM
Re: Cnossos Blockade - Now has nothing to do with Cookiemonstr
CookieMonstr wrote: 
Piggerina wrote: 
Go back to where you come from and leave Cnossos alone. If the "shopkeepers" are so unhappy they can do it themselves.

I think this entire business has been disgraceful.


NOt to make an example of you, but politeness goes a long way as well and keeps these threads civil, for your future reference. A few people could have used some more tact here.

I have recieved some PMs regarding Buri earliest post about me staying governor. I have thought about it quite a bit, and based off some different things, it would most likely not be prudent for me to stay govorner of hte island. I would hand it off to a council of shopkeepers.

THe percieved problem was that Dolzar was messing around with teh taxes, and the shop owners were not happy by it. My solution was to set teh taxes to a maintain cost and allow people to see it by temporarily joining my flag and I would make them governor. Of course that does not work well if I do not stay govorner, but it would be best regarding worries that Drabillord's flag may influence decisions here.

As it stands now, I most likely will not go ahead with this due to lack of support. According to Disciples post, 3 shop owners have more or less already voted no. Only a few people have offered some stuff to cover the above costs. THe rest seem to be people either flexing their muscles or general random tarting.

Three things, one of which does not involve the quote.

1) Mr. Hogwash is generally a VERY polite gentleman, but 'e got worked up over the blockade of WS, it being his home, and he got the same over this island, seeing as it's govenor is a very good friend of his.

2)I, now being home from working in the kitchens at a Cub Scout camp, will celebrate by eating the left overs now instead of later. (That means frosting, rice, and lasagna!)

3)So are you that Geran guy or whatever that came into Uglyjoe's shipyard and questioned us about a blockade? Then he told you to leave unless you weren't hiding in an alt and I pointed out that I was a Lord (now prince) of Black Sails (BS sounds so derogative (spelling probably?)) and if so, this isn't very "low political"
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