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Posted by Whissea at Mar 19, 2008 5:46:34 PM
Re: Dress the Revoultion?
Since it is time for a big feast your outfit should be party-approved and comfortable.
A hat is something you really don't need... your beautiful blonde locks should be able to fly free and dance around with you on the party!
For dancing you will need some solid footwear and really can't go wrong with a pair of decent boots.
A midriff blouse to show your tan and a nice scarf to swirl around with are fundamental to be the light of the evening.
Of course you don't want anyone to take a peek under your skirt while you're on the dancefloor so it is advised to wear a pair of pants... flared off course since it's a party and you do want to look your best.

As for the colours... you can never go wrong with black!
Not entirely black of course since that would make your appearance quite sober.
This black should be lightened up with a few hints of a sparkling colour which brings out your tan and curly blonde locks.
This brings to mind a spring-and-summer favorite: yellow!

As you can see this is the perfect partywear.
Just look at you dance!

Design by Whissea from the Viridian Ocean.

Hat: None, so your beautiful blonde locks will be able to fly free and dance around with you.
Top: Midriff blouse with scarf, black / yellow
Flare pants: black / yellow
Boots: black

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