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Posted by stripey2004 at Jul 17, 2004 6:32:31 AM
Re: Cnossos Blockade - Now has nothing to do with Cookiemonstr
Calm down.... You have an Island, everyone else has a right to take it. Whether or not they are successful is not the main issue here. The fact that some people are speaking out against govenors and large flags is the beauty of this situation. I have NOTHING against BS or anyone for that matter because i am neutral.

However, i think that it is slightly out of order to be put out about the fact that people are critisizing. Such is the nature of democracy. Also, what is the difference between Cnossos' inhabitants wanting a change of leader ship, and BS's opinion that they could run Cnossos better than Vilya.

I think that it is great that we are seeing protests against rulers other then the ringers. So far, "War" has been tame and whenever anyone has conquered an island everyone has just got on with it. Its great to see some diversity and some unrest, keeps us all sane.

I am not blasting large, island owning flags and saying everyone should rise up against them, after all my own flag is not tiny. I just hate the fact that a potentially facinating situation is made so hostile in a short amount of time (in the forums.) Everyone who has posted has a perfectly valid opinion, i just think we need to take a step back and breathe for a moment... Even though its a supurb one, its only a game.
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