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Posted by spadergurl07 at Mar 15, 2008 12:25:12 PM
Re: Dress the Revoultion?
Choice #1:

Estimate cost: 20,633 poes
The black/white outfit will allow you to "pop-out" from the spring-colored portrait. Also, the white clothings provide contrast to your skin and allow us to see your true tan :)

Choice #2:

Estimate cost: 8,490 poes
"Dressing for the Season". The veil will protect you from the spring's pollen ;)

Choice #3:

Estimate cost: 42,256 poes
Another black-n-white outfit.

I really had a blast designing your outfits for you. I hope you like them. I try to make the clothings affordable for you (except maybe the last one which i went all out XD). I personally chose clothings with "bold" (dark/light contrast) colors instead of light-springy colors to prevent your character from blending into the background. The white color really do your skin justice :) Good luck choosing your outfit ^^

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