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Posted by muffy at Jul 16, 2004 6:05:31 AM
Re: Cnossos Blockade - Now has nothing to do with Cookiemonstr
RaytheRigga wrote: 
muffy wrote: 
RaytheRigga wrote: 
RobertDonald wrote: 
Warchest is more like 500k.

I'll pledge 4 brigs and a war frig, just for fun.

EDIT: Cleaver just dropped the blockade fee in half. Someone else go check the new price.

All who wish to attack Cnossos, know that ye side with RobertDonald.

Humm, an interesting new dynamic in the game...the fact that ONE person independently decides to join one side makes them automatically evil? Even though that side is in no way trying to benefit him?

Who said anything about evil?

Ah, ye mean that ye've managed to miss the incredible amount of text commenting on his perceived evilness? Well, I won't quote it for ye, but ye can certainly do a forum search on his name to find out more.


RobertDonald is
1. Experienced in running a blockade



2. Excellent at all puzzles.

I'm 7 ults myself, most days. I'm not impressed.


3. Financially sound.

I can't be impressed with the finances of someone who throws tourneys with other people's money to his own benefit, sorry.


Touchy are we?

Aye, ye seem to be a bit. Sorry if I distressed ye.

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