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Posted by boysofbrew at Jul 16, 2004 5:57:28 AM
Re: Cnossos Blockade - Now has nothing to do with Cookiemonstr
where to begin ... you my friend (well enemy actually), have made a fowl mistake. you cannot possibly expect to succesfully run this fine island, and i am confident that we will find support.

Misters Erdnase and Hogwash, owners of Oh Dye? See Us! have already declared their support of Good King Dolzar.

From Uglyjoe, owner of Anchor Management: Uglyjoe tells you, "I'm really neutral in this whole thing" Uglyjoe tells you, "I will however say that Dolzar is a competent and fair governor.

Cnossos has been my home, my gem, for my entire time in this game, to take it away from Black Sails would be to tarnish it. the thought brings a tear to my eye.

Now to you, Mr. Shogorath. Your support comes with no approval of your flag and you have also signed yerself into a war, I beleive that you probably have not thought your choice through, but you should hopefully have time to reconsider. -Disciple, with thanks to those who supported Dolzar and to deathtoyou for sendin this for him

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