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Posted by Fizz at Mar 3, 2008 1:37:18 PM
Re: People's Choice -- Easter Eggs 2008
People's Choice winner is Dexla, with a score of 18
Adrielle with a score of 10
Shortyjack with a score of 8

4 Honorable Mentions: Nordenx

3 Honorable Mentions: Alexariel, Cassopia, Feylind, Nordenx, and Xeitgeist

2 Honorable Mentions: Adrielle, Cassopia, Cassopia, Dexla, Fizz, Fizz, Lulee, Pletoo, Pletoo, Silveransom, Silveransom, and Xeitgeist

1 Honorable Mention: Adrielle, Booteelishus, Cambiata, Dexla, Feylind, Fizz, Fizz, Flutie, Gwiddon, Kellan, Khayam, Khayam, Khayam, Kitt, Lulee, Lulee, Mahboodah, Neerie, Nordenx, Padore, Prita, Queasy, Rhodin, Rom, Scapegoat, Scapegoat, Silveransom, Silveransom, Skyelanis, Skyelanis, Skyelanis, Xeitgeist and Xeitgeist.

EDIT: Oh and the Google doc is now viewable by the public one more time.
Edit 2: SeaLassey's submission was not counted since she failed follow the voting guidelines.

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