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Posted by Fizz at Feb 24, 2008 6:34:30 PM
Re: People's Choice -- Easter Eggs 2008
Thanks for setting that up. I am not so sure I could pick just three. How complicated would it be to allow for honorable mentions?
(With a limit to how many) I'd say, pick your favorite 8 and score as follows:
1st place pick = 4 points
2nd place pick = 3 points
3rd place pick = 2 points
Hono(u)rable mentions = 1 point

I like this idea.. yes.. I will incorporate the HMs .. though the HMs will bare no scoring for the actual people's choices, (1-3)
Also, some people are not comfortable giving out their email address, so I would suggest that they can PM it to you (or they can PM it to me and I will put them in an email to you.)

I thought of that too, but figured my inbox here would get full too fast with just PMs. I will edit the OP to include PMs too, but to keep in mind, my inbox could get full.
Personally, I'd make the deadline cut off when the actual winners are announced if that should happen before the 21st, otherwise you will likely get an influx of votes afterwards that will be biased towards the chosen ones (or against them for those dissatisfied.)

If i knew when they were gonna be announced or released, I would. I will put a clause in the OP to say once the annoucement has been made for the actual winners in game. People's Choice is over.
Finally, you did imply this, but it bears repeating:

This is just for fun and has no official bearing on the actual judging!
(so there is no point in repeatedly voting for your own egg using multiple alts or friends.)

Yes.. Please keep this fair and vote only once.
Fizz -- RETIRED Senior Officer of Phoenix Warriors, Lady of Tyrs Own

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